Amanda's Picture Show A Go Go


Amanda's Picture Show A Go Go is a twice weekly movie podcast with new episodes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Host, Amanda Iman welcomes a variety of guests onto the podcast to explore current and past films. The rules are simple, at least one person has to have never seen the film being discussed before and then Amanda and her guests have an in depth discussion about the movie. During Awards Season, Amanda is also a prime source for awards analysis.

Amanda welcomes new guest Michol and frequent guest Tim onto the podcast to discuss the animated classic, The Lion King. Michol waxes poetic about cassette tapes, Tim shares memories of Lion King adjacent merchandise and Amanda misses hand drawn animation.

Amanda has two of her nephews back to talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming. They ponder how they would react if they found out their best friend was Spider-Man and weigh in on how good or bad the villains are.

Amanda and Justine return for another Celluloid Ceiling and this time they discuss the triple F-rated film, Can You Ever Forgive Me? They discuss the first ever woman to program a film festival, Justine proves her love of cats and Amanda nerds out over the old Hollywood and literary celebrities that Lee Israel forged letters from.

Amanda explains why the podcast has been on hiatus for awhile.

Amanda is joined by Karen to discuss the classic, The Godfather. Karen loves the film but wishes it had some strong female characters and Amanda attempts a Brando impression.

Amanda welcomes back Brenda, Sean and Stephen to wrap up this year’s Oscars. Brenda is annoyed by Rami Malek’s win, Sean hopes that The Academy and streaming services like Netflix can compromise going forward, Stephen still thinks there are better Farrelly Brother movies than Green Book, and Amanda wants to see a buddy comedy with Spike Lee and Barbra Streisand.

Amanda is joined by Stephen and Colleen to make their predictions about this year’s Oscars. They dive deep into the Short Film nominees and also share who they would vote for if they were members of The Academy.

Amanda welcomes back Brittney and Tim to discuss the musical biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Brittney has emotions, Tim discovers Queen in a dream, Amanda is really angry about noodle arms and they all agree that they love Queen.

Amanda is joined by her annual Oscars Crew, Stephen and Colleen, to discuss this year’s Oscar Nominations. Who was snubbed and who they’re excited about are all explored. Stephen might like The Favourite, Colleen kills it at music trivia and Amanda has some strong feelings about Best Original Screenplay.

Amanda welcomes back Jessica and Kyle to talk about the awards season heavy hitter, The Favourite. Jessica is not a fan of the fisheye lens use within the film, Kyle wonders if Yorgos Lanthimos is the new Ang Lee, and Amanda nerds out about Lanthimos’ direction.

Amanda has return guest Tim on to discuss Green Book. Tim confuses the title with the horror film Green Room, Amanda is reminded of Singin’ in the Rain in one scene and they both rant about grammar.

Amanda is joined by Brenda and Sean, for the second year in a row, to discuss the Golden Globe Awards. Brenda drinks “coffee”, Sean is shocked to learn Glenn Close doesn’t have an Oscar and Amanda wants a gif of Brian May rubbing Rami Malek’s shoulders.

Amanda welcomes new guests Jen and Meg from the Indoorswomen Podcast on the show to discuss the latest version of A Star is Born. Jen knows that the dog getting steak is a harbinger of doom, Meg reveals her “secret” movie reviewer past and Amanda nerds out over SNL. They also discuss some of the earlier iterations of A Star is Born and rank all the versions.

Amanda is joined by Colleen and Stephen to talk about the start of Awards Season. They discuss the nominations for the Golden Globe Awards, Critics’ Choice Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards along with the Oscars Shortlists that have been released. Colleen thinks Lin-Manuel Miranda is freaking adorable, Stephen might be in love with the character of Mary Poppins, and Amanda wants to see more Awards Season love for Eighth Grade.

Amanda welcomes new guest Kate Barkley from Pups N PopCulture to discuss the new holiday film, The Christmas Chronicles. Kate enjoys rom coms but doesn’t want her life to be one, Amanda is not a fan of the elves in the film, but they both enjoy Kurt Russell as Santa.

Amanda welcomes new guest Laura, along with return guests Kyle and Chris I., to discuss the holiday classic, White Christmas. Laura watches the film every Christmas Eve with her family, Kyle is shocked by how blue Bing Crosby’s eyes are on screen, Chris loves seeing all the extra details in the movie on the big screen, and Amanda is blown away by Edith Head’s body of work in 1954.

Amanda and Justine are back for another edition of the Celluloid Ceiling. This time they discuss the teen rom com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and are joined by first time guest, Ashley, who worked on the film. Ashley shares behind the scenes stories about the movie, Justine is all about Lara Jean and Peter, and Amanda breaks the rules of the podcast.

Amanda and return guest Jessica discuss Spike Lee’s latest, BlacKkKlansman. Jessica drops in some anthropology knowledge and Amanda wants BlacKkKlansman to win all the awards.

Amanda is joined by return guests Erik and Ariel to discuss the cult comedy, Clue. Erik will cut all Clue haters, Ariel is surprised to learn the film has multiple endings, and Amanda exposes a group of children at a church to cussing.

Amanda welcomes new guest Mike and return guest Robb on the show to talk about the historical drama Detroit. Mike shares his experience of living in the Detroit area in 1967, Robb points out the influence of Soviet art on the opening of the film and Amanda gets sick.

Amanda welcomes new guest Karen, along with return guests Tim and Lucas, to discuss the animated film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Karen is surprised the movie doesn’t have a deeper message, Tim posits that it isn’t a Miyazaki film unless someone befriends an old person, Lucas gets riled up about Michael Bay, and Amanda wants to know what is wrong with Kiki’s parents.

Amanda has an all-star crew, including Brittney, Jessica, Marianne, Keith and Sean, on the show to discuss Avengers: Infinity War. Brittney is still shell shocked from seeing the film so recently, Jessica has been having ALL CAPS conversations about the movie, Marianne still finds Killmonger attractive, Keith is happy the film isn’t a standalone movie, Sean enjoys the comedy throughout the film, and Amanda loves the way Marvel is pushing the boundaries of what cinema can be.

Amanda is joined by her oldest nephew, Keegan, for a new edition of Nephew Adventures! They have their first double feature and talk about Dr. No and The Princess Bride. Amanda introduces Keegan to his first James Bond movie and he is unimpressed with it’s lack of gadgets but everyone loves the antics and quotes in The Princess Bride.

Amanda is back with Justine for another edition of the Celluloid Ceiling! This time they tackle their first Netflix Original with the rom com, Set It Up. Justine does a killer impression of Creepy Tim and Amanda likes that the movie is aware that it’s a rom com. Plus, the return of the Jon Rudnitsky fan club.

Amanda welcomes back Sean to discuss the documentary Fahrenheit 11/9. Sean shares his story of Election Day and night 2016 and Amanda feels like the movie is trying to be three documentaries in one.

Amanda is joined by frequent guest Jessica to discuss the film Denial. Jessica gets so worked up by the movie that she has to roll on the floor to express her emotions and Amanda finds fault in some of the film craft within the movie, but thinks people should still watch the film because its message is so relevant today.

Amanda welcomes return guests Tim and Robb to discuss the animated hit Coco. Tim struggles with some of the philosophical ideas the movie brings up, Robb gets the grandma feels and Amanda is disgusted by Disney’s marketing ploys. They also review the short film, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

Amanda is joined by return guests Nathan and Erik to talk about Hotel Artemis. Nathan keeps getting Milla Jovovich vibes from Sofia Boutella, Erik has an adventure on his way to the movie and Amanda appreciates the believability of the near future portrayed in the film.

Amanda welcomes back Paden and George for another edition of Notoriously Terrible. In this episode they tackle The Room. Paden does an excellent Seth Rogan impression, George sees the movie as a trashterpiece and Amanda is pretty sure Tommy Wiseau is unaware of the word fiancé.

Amanda is joined by return guest Dallas to discuss the Hitchcock classic, The Birds. Dallas points out that there’s no stranger danger in the film and Amanda nerds out a bit about The Sound of Music.

Amanda welcomes back Brittney to the podcast to talk about the cult classic Dazed and Confused. Brittney doesn’t miss high school and Amanda does a Matthew McConaughey impression.

Amanda welcomes new guests Jennifer and Beth onto the podcast, along with return guests Adam Blalock and Ben to discuss My Little Pony: The Movie. Jennifer is possibly the biggest My Little Pony fan in the world, Beth really wants there to be a pony named Thunderstruck, Adam is upset that he’s no longer the only Adam on the podcast, Ben has controversial Sia opinions, and Amanda encourages the Googling of shirtless Taye Diggs.

Amanda welcomes new guest Adam Novak and return guest Sean Wheeler on to discuss the counter culture classic, Easy Rider. Adam has an interesting background with hitchhikers, Sean shares a story highlighting how The Monkees are responsible for this movie and Amanda did not know Jane Fonda was an actress for a very long time.

Amanda has return guest Nikki on to discuss the heist flick, Ocean's 8. Nikki does not want to wear crazy expensive jewelry and Amanda wants to be Mindy Kaling's best friend.

Amanda is joined by her husband, Jeremy, for the first in a new series called Marital Bliss. For their first movie they discuss one of Jeremy's favorites, Smokey and the Bandit. Jeremy gives the rules to a drinking game for the movie and Amanda cannot stand Jackie Gleason.

Amanda has new guest Kyle on to discuss the indie hit, Eighth Grade. Kyle finds the movie to be heartbreaking but in the best way possible and Amanda has no chance with Harrison Ford.

Amanda is joined by Jessica, Colleen and Tim to discuss the Mr. Rogers documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor? Jessica gets mad at Fox News, Colleen pairs Mr. Rogers with Bob Ross, Tim is surprised there's no seedy underbelly to Fred Rogers and Amanda loves learning about Mr. Rogers' background in music.

Amanda and Justine are back for another edition of the Celluloid Ceiling. This time they discuss the biopic Mary Shelley. Justine wants Mary to get stabby, Amanda is disappointed by some of the historical inaccuracies and they discuss the ReFrame project.

Amanda is joined by return guest Sean to discuss the hit action flick Mission: Impossible-Fallout. Sean is impressed with Tom Cruise's ability to appear ageless and Amanda gives a rundown of her experience with the movies in the franchise.

Amanda has return guests Jessica and Emily on to discuss the Academy Award nominated film, Darkest Hour. Jessica discovers a new fetish, Emily is reminded of Gary Oldman's episodes in Friends and Amanda appreciates Oldman's eyewear game.

Amanda is joined by new guest Crystal, along with return guests Lucas, Tim, Robb and Keith to discuss the hit film, Black Panther. Crystal has a very unique viewing experience, Lucas is not happy with the way Marvel handles most of its villains, Tim wants to know about Wakanda and the world of Black Panther, Robb proposes several story arcs that could happen in future Black Panther movies, Keith likes the way technology is used in the film, and Amanda is bad at being a girly girl.

Amanda has her Oscar crew, Joe L, Sean and Stephen, join her to discuss the recently announced changes coming to the Oscars. They all talk about the changing landscape in both film and television, offer up some alternative ideas to fix these planned changes, and share their hopes about The Academy going forward.

Amanda is joined by her sister Faythe to discuss the cat documentary Kedi. Faythe loves how the movie shows the different personalities of the cats, Amanda is super into fat cats and they both share stories about their own cats.

Amanda is joined by Grant to discuss the musical sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Grant is surprised and slightly impressed by the deep cuts from the ABBA catalog in the movie and Amanda mainly knows ABBA from 1990's Australian films. Plus, neither one of them understands why Cher is in this movie.

Amanda and Justine are back for another edition of the Celluloid Ceiling. This time they are joined by Ellie to discuss the big budget adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. Justine likes the positive messages in the film for kids, Ellie posits that Oprah may be more than human, and Amanda is a big Madeleine L'Engle fan.

Amanda is joined by Jeremy to answer listener questions for the 2nd Anniversary special. Find out the answers to what the worst movie Amanda has seen is, what she gets Shawshanked by and many more.

Amanda's nephews are back with her to discuss one of their favorite animated movies, Fantastic Mr. Fox. They sidetrack into Batman for a minute and everyone gets to do their impression of Mr. Fox himself.

Amanda and guests Dallas, Shane and Sam are live at last year's West Grandview Fringe Festival to discuss the classic, The Princess Bride. Dallas is surprised to learn the movie is based on a book, Shane likes the way the framing story adds a level of emotion to the film, Sam still laughs every time she sees the movie, and Amanda can quote along with every scene of the film.

Amanda has return guests Chris Iman and Robb on to discuss the hit documentary, RBG. Chris is surprised to see that RBG and Scalia were friends, Robb wants the documentary to go even deeper into Ruth Bader Ginsburg's work and the opposing arguments she fought against, and Amanda finds the film to be surprisingly emotional.

Amanda welcomes back Joe Morales to discuss the hit sequel, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Joe has a super awesome grandma, Amanda grew up on the original Jumanji and they both share tales of playing video games growing up.

Amanda welcomes a trio of Columbus improvisers, Erik, Sean and Stephen to discuss the sci-fi film Blade Runner 2049. Erik likes the expansion of the Blade Runner world, Sean prefers the intimacy of the original film, Stephen points out the continuation of the year of drowning, and Amanda really loves Denis Villeneuve.

Amanda embarks on another Nephew Adventure and for the first time all three nephews are together. This time they discuss the Gene Wilder classic, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There’s some Oompa Loompa singing and then silliness ensues.

Amanda welcomes new guests Paden and George to start a new series called Notoriously Terrible. For their first movie they cover the infamous flop, Ishtar. Paden feels like 3 different movies are trying to happen, George thinks the first 5 minutes are hilarious, and Amanda feels like Ishtar may be the longest movie ever, despite its actual runtime.

Amanda is back with Justine for another edition of the Celluloid Ceiling! This time they have Jessica joining them to discuss Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. Justine is mad that she didn’t get to work on this movie, Jessica renames a character Chad, Amanda loved Rebecca Hall in the film and everyone appreciates naked Luke Evans.

Amanda welcomes back Star Wars newbie, Joe Morales, as well as long time Star Wars fan Chris I., to discuss the finale to the original trilogy, Return of the Jedi. Joe is thrown by the altered ending even though he hadn’t seen the movie before, Chris doesn’t understand why Boba Fett is such a big character for some fans, and Amanda still loves the Ewoks as an adult.

Amanda welcomes back Marianne, Keith, Sean and Robb to discuss the movie the DCEU has been building to, Justice League. Marianne is super excited to see some of her favorite characters team up, Keith feels like the movie hits closer to who Superman is but is further away with Batman, Sean is surprised by how coherent the film is based on its production woes, Robb is not a fan of Ben Affleck as Batman, and Amanda has trouble connecting with some of the characters. Plus, some in depth discussion of the state of the DCEU and everyone’s rankings of the movies so far.

Amanda welcomes two new guests, Nikki and Chris M., to discuss cult classic sci-fi film, Blade Runner. Nikki gets freaked by some of the eyeball stuff, Chris is an old school Blade Runner fan and the resident expert, and Amanda loves all the neo-noir aspects of the film.

Amanda has two of her nephews back for another installment of Nephew Adventures! This time they go see Paddington and discuss the hijinks the bear gets into.

Amanda welcomes back Red Rue creator, Michelle, to discuss the film Love, Simon. Michelle decides they should write the Love, Simon sequel, Amanda just can’t get into Snapchat and they both identify with the adults in the film.

Amanda welcomes new guest Bob, along with return guests Emily, Robb and Tim to discuss the thriller My Friend Dahmer. Bob *might* murder everyone by the end of the podcast, Emily is the resident true crime expert, Robb is in to Mindhunter, Tim knows the ins and outs of the graphic novel the film is based on, and Amanda is excited more films are being made in Ohio.

Amanda is joined by regular guests Stephen, Colleen and Tim to discuss the sci-fi classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Stephen doesn’t want to eat space food through a straw, Colleen hated the apes as a kid but appreciates them more now, Tim feels like a few minutes could have been cut from the film, and Amanda is terrified of being lost in space.

Amanda and Justine are back with another edition of the Celluloid Ceiling. This time they discuss triple F-rated Rom Com, Home Again. Justine points out the level of privilege the characters in the film have, Amanda is reminded of Bridget Jones’s Diary and both ladies are firmly #TeamGeorge.

Amanda welcomes back Stephen, Sean and Jessica to wrap up this year’s Oscars. Stephen defends the length of the Oscars, Sean defends film history, Jessica defends The Greatest Showman, and Amanda cries 15 times.

We have an epic crossover with Cinema Wheelerte! Amanda and the brothers Wheeler, Sean and Scott, are joined by Star Wars enthusiasts Erik and first time guest, Josh, to discuss the latest in the space saga, The Last Jedi. Sean defends JJ Abrams, Scott sees a “different” version of the film than everyone else, Erik is the resident expert on the Star Wars books, Josh enjoys the Family Guy parodies of the movies, and Amanda gets chills multiple times while watching the film.

Amanda is back with an A-List group of Marvel fans—Marianne, Keith, Casey and Tim—to discuss Thor: Ragnarok. Marianne is not happy with the portrayal of Skurge, Keith appreciates the arc of the Thor trilogy, Casey is enraged by things the trailers gave away, Tim has Thanos fatigue, and all Amanda wants is a shirtless Jeff Goldblum.

Amanda and part of the Oscar crew is back to make their predictions on who will win big at the Oscars. Stephen and Sean join in for the duration with a brief appearance from Collen and some email correspondence from Joe L. Stephen thinks I, Tonya deserves an Oscar for the editing of its trailer, Sean defends Woody Harrelson, and Amanda is ready to start next year’s Oscar campaign for Black Panther.

Amanda brings together her Oscar crew, Sean, Stephen and Joe L to discuss this year’s crop of nominees. Sean has a great pitch for the next actor he wants to see play Winston Churchill, Stephen points out that we all still have a shot at joining The Academy someday, Joe is upset about The Florida Project being snubbed, and Amanda recommends former Best Documentary Short nominee, God is the Bigger Elvis.

Amanda and Justine are back for another edition of the Celluloid Ceiling. This time around they discuss the Oscar nominated, Lady Bird. Somehow Greta Gerwig seems to have made a film of Justine’s life and Amanda has all the feels.

Amanda and regular guest, Jessica, discuss this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Jessica loves all the supportive dates in the audience and Amanda apparently has a weird attachment to Angels in the Outfield.

Amanda welcomes back Tim and Jessica to discuss the Awards Season heavy weight, The Shape of Water. Tim likes that the characters in the film aren’t stereotypes, Jessica can’t even with the cat, Amanda nerds out about John Glenn and everyone wants pie.

Amanda welcomes back Diana from the Happily Ever Aftermath podcast to discuss the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards. Diana likes that they hand out awards to genre films at this awards show and Amanda tells the backstory of the podcast’s theme song.

Amanda welcomes back podcast regulars Jessica, Stephen and Colleen to discuss the Awards Season powerhouse, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Jessica is very impressed with Caleb Landry Jones’ performance in the film, Stephen thinks Lucas Hedges is the key to getting a movie nominated for an Oscar, Collen doesn’t think we should sympathize with Sam Rockwell’s character, and Amanda has some issues with how couples sit at table together.

Amanda welcomes back Brenda, Addie, Faythe and Sean for a crossover with Culture Pop A Go Go about this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Brenda is very excited about her birthday twin, Addie is really into Godless, Faythe loves Jersey Shore, Sean is made an honorary sister, and Amanda nerds out about Sidney Poitier.

Amanda welcomes return guest Courtney and new guests, Claire, Kelcie, Diana and Sarah for an epic Lady Pod Squad episode about Die Hard. Courtney does not want to be judged for her food order, Claire doesn’t quite buy John McClane as a New York cop, Kelcie is determined that Die Hard should only be watched during the holiday season, Diana loves genre deconstructions, Sarah is not into schmaltzy holiday movies, and Amanda debunks her husband’s theory about the link between Family Matters and Die Hard.

Amanda welcomes back Colleen and Stephen to kick off Awards Season and discuss the nominations for the Critics Choice Awards, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards. Colleen isn’t fully on board with the idea of Willem Dafoe being the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actor, Stephen is ready to lead the way in the push to get Bria Vinaite a nomination for The Florida Project, and Amanda still thinks George Clooney was robbed for The Descendants.

Amanda welcomes new guest Vanessa from Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast to discuss the holiday comedy A Bad Moms Christmas. Vanessa points out that watching montages of other people having fun can be super awkward and Amanda appreciates all the Kenny G jokes.

Amanda welcomes back Joe Morales to discuss the original Star Wars sequel, The Empire Strikes Back. Joe wants a Tauntaun and Amanda is almost hit by a deer.

Amanda welcomes back Chris I and Tim to discuss the classic film, Casablanca. Chris is impressed by the amount of detail you can see in the 4k restoration of the movie, Tim regrets not seeing the film sooner, and Amanda picks up on more of the sociopolitical themes in this viewing.

Amanda welcomes new guests, Emily and Robb, and return guest, Shane, to discuss the cult comedy, Wet Hot American Summer. Emily loves seeing Christopher Meloni in comedic roles, Robb relates to the relationship counseling in the arts and crafts time, Shane has incorporated quotes from the movie into his life, and Amanda laughs at child death.

Amanda welcomes back regular guest Jessica to discuss the indie thriller, The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Jessica is pretty sure Johnny Depp doesn’t bathe and Amanda is failed by IMDb, Wikipedia and Google.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Michael, from War Machine vs War Horse, to discuss the polarizing film, Mother! Michael reveals his true love of Rom Coms and Amanda has some concerns about laundry in the movie.

Amanda welcomes brand new guest Michelle, creator of the Red Rue webseries, to discuss 90’s classic, Casper. Michelle is impressed with the CGI from 1995 and Amanda admits to her crush on Devon Sawa in the movie.

Amanda and Justine return for the second episode in their Celluloid Ceiling series about F-rated, or women-centric films, to discuss the period drama, A United Kingdom. Justine thinks the way David Oyelowo looks at Rosamund Pike in the movie is swoon worthy and Amanda is not satisfied with Tom Felton’s IMDb profile picture.

Amanda welcomes back Jimmy to discuss the Hitchcock classic, To Catch a Thief. Jimmy takes advantage of being on a podcast with an explicit tag and Amanda learns there are multiple versions of Psycho.

Amanda welcomes back her sister Faythe to discuss the comedy, The Little Hours. Faythe has decided the movie is a biography of her life and the film leaves Amanda feeling incredibly happy.

Amanda has return guests Casey, Tim, Colleen and Stephen on to discuss the action film, Atomic Blonde. Casey likes the way the director handles the action scenes, Tim admits that if he were in a crazy spy fight he’d hand over his charge if he was exhausted, Collen thinks the movie has too many endings, Stephen wants to free the nipple, and Amanda feels like she’s in a Charlize Theron Dior commercial. Erik also pops in for a surprise appearance.

Amanda welcomes new guest Matt Tory, of We Make Movies, to discuss the comedy, Night Shift. Matt sees the movie as a product of its time and Amanda is impressed with how much star power Michael Keaton has so early in his carreer.

Amanda welcomes new guest Grant to the podcast to discuss Saturday Night Fever for its 40th anniversary. Grant is an expert on all things dealing with the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever and shares his knowledge about the music and the movie and Amanda wishes the character of Frank Jr. was featured more in the film.

Amanda welcomes back regular guests Stephen and Colleen, and her step-brother Max, finally makes his podcast debut. Stephen has a personal connection to the Winston Churchill speech, Colleen points out that there’s no way Dunkirk passes the Bechdel Test, Max just wants the characters to catch a break, and Amanda is not a fan of American Sniper. Plus, Colleen and Amanda give shout outs to some awesome high school teachers.

Amanda and Justine of The Cutaways podcast begin a new series of podcasts about F-rated, or female centric, movies. First up is the Canadian biopic, Maudie. Justine doesn’t think Ethan Hawke can age and Amanda hears similarities between Maudie’s score and the Brokeback Mountain score.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Kimberly Niccole, from the Sibs comedy web series to discuss Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. Kimberly advocates that women and girls need more female budy comedies and Amanda admits to being in bowling club in middle school. Plus they’re both ready for Romy and Michelle to attend another high school reunion.

Amanda welcomes back the Oscar crew, Colleen, Stephen and Joe Liles, to discuss The Big Sick. Collen has saved Stephen and Chloe the cat, Stephen is happy that the film didn’t fall into too many indie by numbers clichés, Joe is very impressed by Ray Romano’s performance, and Amanda fangirls over Emily V Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani.

Amanda welcomes back Joe Morales, and after a comedy of errors they final join forces to discuss Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Joe is impressed with all of the varying animation styles used in the film and Amanda is surprisingly reminded of The Babadook during the movie.

The Beguiled (2017)

Amanda welcomes new guests and fellow Lady Pod Squad-ers, Justine from The Cutaways, Courtney from Chicks with Flicks and Hannah from Film Roast, to discuss the latest Sofia Coppola film, The Beguiled. Justine calls the film, “sexual tension: the movie”, Courtney is the resident expert on all things beguiled and beguiling, Hannah dresses as Austen Powers, and Amanda spots a penis metaphor.

Amanda is joined by Chris to answer listener questions for the 1 year Anniversary special! Find out the answers to what Amanda’s favorite movie is, which Ryan she prefers—Reynolds or Gosling, and so much more.


Amanda welcomes new guest, Andrea, along with return guests, Colleen, Stephen and Carl, to discuss the original summer blockbuster, Jaws. Andrea experiences the Spielberg classic for the first time and only jumps a couple times, Colleen loves the wince scene between Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss, Stephen points out that the “pond” isn’t actually a pond, Carl knows a TON about the Jaws sequels, and Amanda has a deep seeded fear of sharks.

Amanda begins a new series of mini episodes where she takes her nephews to the movies and they talk about the film afterwards. First up is the 1993 film, The Secret Garden.

Amanda interviews Shane Stefanchik and Cody Richards of Static Copy Island about their experience making the short film Existence for the 2016 Columbus 48 Hour Film Project.

Amanda welcomes an A-team of guests for this roundtable discussion. Marianne, Keith, Stephen, Carl, Sean, Tim and Brittney all assemble to discuss Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marianne is not a fan of the Sam Raimi films, Keith points out the influence of the Miles Morales comics on the film, Stephen likes that the high schoolers in the movie actually look and act like kids and not adults, Carl enjoys the meta-textual casting of Michael Keaton, Sean proposes a montage mashup of Uncle Ben and the Wayne parents’ deaths, Tim likes the changes the filmmakers made to The Vulture from the comics, Brittney appreciates how the film melded in to the MCU, and Amanda is so happy this movie wasn’t another origin story.

Amanda welcomes back Erika to discuss the Hitchcock classic, Rear Window. Erika will gladly take the dresses from the 1950s but she’ll leave the sexism and Amanda totally nerds out over the dialogue in the movie.

Amanda and return guests, Erik and Katie, discuss the newist Edgar Wright flick, Baby Driver. Erik hopes the film gets some sound editing love come Awards Season, Katie is really excited that Ansel Elgort doesn’t have cancer in this movie, and Amanda goes to IKEA instead of see the new Transformers movie.

Amanda welcomes back Erika to discuss the Hitchcock classic, Notorious. Erika was once in the same room as Robert Osborne and Amanda has an ever so slight bias for Cary Grant.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Carl, and return guests, Colleen, Stephen, Jessica and Tim to discuss the Jim Henson classic, Labyrinth. Carl is creeped out by the “helping hands”, Colleen recommends enjoying the movie while under the influence of certain substances, Stephen shares some insight into David Bowie’s tight, tight pants, Jessica has some serious hair envy, Tim wishes they’d used a real owl instead of a CGI owl, and Amanda spots some details in the 4k restoration that she’d never seen before.

It’s the first official crossover episode! Amanda has Katie and Wesleigh from the Viewing Party Podcast on to discuss the comedy, Rough Night. Katie has a famous laugh, Wesleigh likes how real all of the characters feel, and Amanda likes the movie more on her second viewing.

For the 100th episode Amanda watches one of her favorites, Singin’ in the Rain, with some of her favorite people, return guests Faythe, Jessica and Kristin. Faythe finds the movie delightful, Jessica thinks Gene Kelley’s arms look amazing in his costumes, Kristin appreciates the artistry of the Broadway Melody section, and Amanda apparently used to wear old lady nightgowns.

Amanda welcomes back Liam from the Nerd on Nerd podcast to discuss the movie, Baywatch. Liam is worried that Zac Efron may be getting typecast and Amanda comes up with some merchandising ideas for the film. They also discuss the Best Actor race from this year’s Oscars.

Amanda and return guest Kristin discuss Hitchcock’s Suspicion. Kristin experiences the first Hitchcock film she doesn’t like and Amanda thought she was going to see Spellbound.

Amanda welcomes back her superhero experts, Marianne and Keith, and a couple more guests, Chris I and Sean, to discuss DC’s latest, Wonder Woman. Marianne appreciates that the Amazons are shown as real, authentic, strong women, Keith wonders about who we blame for movie bombs and failures, Chris loves the nuance of Gal Gadot’s performance, Sean really digs the Wonder Woman theme, and Amanda likes that the film tackles the eternal question; is man inherently good or inherently evil?

Amanda welcomes new guest, Seamus, and return guest, Erik, to discuss the latest Guy Ritchie action flick, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Seamus thinks Charlie Hunnam is scrumdiddlyumptious, Erik sees this movie as another superhero film, and Amanda tries and fails to be as cool as Jude Law.

Amanda welcomes two new guests, Jack and Liam from the Nerd on Nerd podcast, to discuss the cult sci-fi classic, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Jack wants a custom pair of 3D glasses inspired by the movie, Liam wonders how much better La La Land would’ve been with Jeff Goldblum instead of Ryan Gosling, and Amanda wants to play a drinking game with this film.

Amanda and return guest, Brittney discuss the genre defying, Colossal. Brittney likens Anne Hathaway’s character to Batman and Amanda doesn’t understand the backlash against the actress.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Sean, to join her and frequent guests Colleen, Stephen and Tim to discuss the Martin Scorsese classic, Taxi Driver. Sean proposes that maybe Travis Bickle is Batman, Colleen isn’t a fan of the film until the last few minutes, Stephen wants to take Cybill Shepherd on a date but not to a porn theatre, Tim has an interesting read on the role of Bickel’s parents, and Amanda shares some critics’ theories about the end of the film.

Amanda and return guests, Marianne, Keith, Tim and Brittney discuss the latest Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Marianne is super excited for Thor: Ragnarok, Keith is won over by Baby Groot despite prior reservations, Tim was not expecting to get the feels, Brittney wants to know where the Avengers are, and Amanda mispronounces Yondu for half the podcast like an idiot.

Amanda welcomes back return guest Erika to discuss the Hitchcock film, Rope. Erika is reminded of The Picture of Dorian Gray and Amanda thinks Nick and Nora Charles could’ve solved the mystery much faster that Jimmy Stewart’s character.

Amanda and guests Brenda, Jessica and Stephen discuss the classic comedy Office Space, live in front of an audience at the inaugural Columbus Podcast Festival. Brenda is impressed by how much the film has permeated the culture, Jessica is totally Team Milton, Stephen apparently hangs his T-shirts on hangers, and Amanda loves the film but doesn’t think Mike Judge is the best at writing for women.

Amanda and return guests, Jessica and Shane, discuss the comedy, Fist Fight. Jessica is on board with the critiques of the education system the movie sneaks in, Shane approves of the use of zoom in the film but he’s still not sure about it in Vertigo, and Amanda nerds out over Kumail Nanjiani.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Erik, and return guest, Jeremy, to discuss The Fate of the Furious. Erik is not impressed with the “hacking” in the movie, Jeremy thinks Charlize Theron looks like Predator with her braids and Amanda wants an explanation for the length of the “Cuban mile”.

Donnie Darko

Amanda discusses the cult classic, Donnie Darko, with return guests, Colleen and Dallas. Colleen loves Mary McDonnell’s performance in the film, Dallas gets really excited when Ashley Tisdale shows up on screen, and Amanda confesses to wanting to be like Jenna Malone in high school.

Amanda welcomes back Jessica, Marianne and Keith to discuss the action adventure, The Great Wall. Marianne loves the pageantry and colors of the film, Jessica wishes there had been dragons in the movie, Keith sees the movie as being similar to a comic book film, and Amanda jumps at the 3D in the movie.

Amanda and return guest, Chris I, discuss the Disney live action remake, Beauty and the Beast. Chris flashes to Harry Potter during a couple of scenes in the movie and Amanda thinks every movie needs more Kevin Kline.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Lucas, and return guest, Tim, to discuss the animated film, The Red Turtle. Lucas really hates documentaries, Tim finds the crabs in the movie to be incredibly charming, and Amanda highly recommends the movie, Song of the Sea.

Amanda welcomes back Stephen and Colleen to discuss the thriller, Get Out. Colleen is impressed by the eye acting in the film, Stephen recommends that you don’t go through your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s things, and Amanda shares a story illustrating how much of a giant chicken she truly is.

Amanda and return guests Joe Morales, Kristin, Shane and Chris I. pay tribute to actress Carrie Fisher by discussing Star Wars, When Harry Met Sally…, and Postcards from the Edge. Joe is a Star Wars virgin, Shane falls asleep while we record, Kristin doesn’t buy the sexual chemistry between Harry and Sally, Chris like a young Dennis Quaid in Postcards from the Edge, and Carrie Fisher is Amanda’s feminist hero.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Casey, and return guest, Keith to discuss the latest Wolverine movie, Logan. Casey thinks Logan is the best film of the X-Men franchise, Keith wants to pull a Misery on writer/director James Mangold, and Amanda leaves the theatre wiping away tears.

Amanda welcomes back Kristin, Shane and Yohe to discuss the Studio Ghibli classic, Spirited Away. Yohe speaks Japanese, Kristin shares insight into the role of the parents in the film, Shane makes a case for watching dubbed versions of Miyazaki films, and Amanda doesn’t want to touch Yohe’s face without permission.

Amanda and return guests, Dallas and Joe Morales, discuss Power Rangers. Dallas may be the biggest Power Rangers episode ever, Joe thinks Trini, a.k.a. Becky G, is hott, and Amanda is impressed by Krispy Kreme’s product placement in the movie.

Amanda and return guests, Marianne and Keith, discuss the latest M. Night Shyamalan thriller, Split. Marianne wants more blood, Keith doesn’t think Silence of the Lambs should count as a horror movie, and Amanda thinks the show, Wayward Pines, helped with Shyamalan’s comeback.

Amanda welcomes back return guest, Nathan, to discuss the musical classic, The King and I. Nathan has strong opinions about Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and Amanda wants to know where Anna’s son goes during the middle of the movie.

Amanda discusses the animated film, The LEGO Batman Movie, with guests Marianne, Dan, Keith and Tim. Keith opens the podcast in possibly the best way ever, Marianne finds a few parts of the movie to be a little slow, Tim shares his story of seeing Zootopia in the theatre, Dan wants a LEGO Harry Potter movie, and Amanda is apparently one of the only people in the theatre who has seen Jerry Maguire.

Amanda and return guest, Brenda, discuss the film, T2 Trainspotting. Brenda has opinions about the title of the film and Amanda wants more Kelly Mcdonald in everything.

Amanda welcomes back return guest, Tim, to discuss the film Brokeback Mountain. Tim explores the role of nature in the film and Amanda laments the too early passing of Heath Ledger. They also give some shout-outs to some of their favorite college professors.

Amanda and return guest, Scott of Cinema Wheelerte, discuss the action adventure, Kong: Skull Island. Scott has a secret dislike of Jared Leto, Amanda gets really angry about The Artist and they both deal with a crying baby in the movie theatre.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Amanda welcomes new guests, Adam and Ben, to discuss the action film, John Wick: Chapter 2. Adam theorizes about what the third installment in the franchise may hold, Ben thinks Christian Bale likes to be wet, and Amanda’s grammar Nazi tendencies start to come out. Then they all go on a tangent about the role of women in superhero movies.

Amanda and return guest, Jim, discuss the documentary, For the Love of Spock. Jimmy sneaks alcohol into movie theatres and Amanda nerds out over Fiddler on the Roof.

Amanda and return guest, Chris Iman, discuss the Hitchcock dark comedy, The Trouble With Harry. Chris wishes Hitchcock would have explored comedy more and Amanda enjoys the quirkiness of the townspeople in the film.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Brittney, to the podcast to discuss the movie, Fifty Shades Darker. Brittney wants to know what makes it darker and Amanda has some serious issues with the sex scenes.

Amanda welcomes back return guests, Marianne, Keith and Nathan, to discuss the video game adaptation, Assassin’s Creed. Nathan wants to know how the assassins knew to assemble, Marianne is surprised that the movie passes the Bechdel Test, Keith has a new catchphrase, “In the game” and Amanda wants more exposition for possibly the first time ever.

Amanda discusses the movie, The Space Between US with return guests, Chris I and Tim. Chris thinks the movie is ridiculous, Tim is not impressed by its “references” to other films, and Amanda laughs during the most dramatic scene in the movie.

Amanda and Brenda break down the 2017 Oscars and the now infamous Best Picture gaffe. Brenda is a little sleepy but it’s entertaining and Amanda defends Warren Beatty. Then, Addie drops in for some song writing assistance.

Amanda and return guests, Faythe and Dan, discuss the animated film, Sing. Dan starts out strong by making things awkward, Faythe has strong opinions about the Minions, and Amanda brings up Magic Mike and strippers.

Amanda welcomes new guests, Ryan and Tim, and return guest, Sam, to discuss the Hitchcock classic, Rebecca. Ryan’s favorite film genre is suspense/thriller so this is the perfect film for his podcast debut, Tim points out a facet of a character that Amanda hadn’t noticed before, Sam can’t wait to read the book the movie was based on, and Amanda sees parallels to Jane Eyre, but no one else is familiar with the story.

Amanda discusses the Disney animate film, Moana, with return guests Brenda and Addie. Brenda is voiced by Alan Tudyk, Addie claims Lin-Manuel Miranda is her true father, and Amanda sees visual similarities to The Abyss.

Oscar Predictions 2017

Amanda welcomes new guest, Joe Liles, and returning guests Colleen and Stephen to make their predictions for this year’s Academy Awards. Joe may have to watch My Life as a Zucchini in French with no subtitles, Colleen has no opinion about the Sound categories and we don’t blame her, Stephen sticks with OJ—the documentary, not the person, and Amanda is very concerned about the safety of the characters in the Animated Short, Pearl. Plus, no one likes Fire at Sea.

Amanda welcomes back Brenda to discuss the Oscar nominated film, Lion. Brenda has an asexual crush on Dev Patel and Amanda finds one of the constructs of the film a little annoying despite Brenda disagreeing.

Amanda and Jessica break down the 2017 BAFTA Awards. Jessica experiences the BAFTAs for the first time and Amanda wishes that BBC America would show an unedited version of the awards show.

Amanda and return guests, Kristin and Shane, discuss the film, Passengers. Kristin admits to not liking Jennifer Lawrence, Shane wishes the movie were a bit less predictable in its choices, and Amanda finds Thomas Newman’s score to be incredibly derivative of his score for Finding Nemo.

Amanda welcomes new guests, Toni and Scott to the podcast, as well as return guests, Stephen and Colleen to discuss the Oscar nominated biopic, Jackie. Toni is the Jackie expert, Scott isn’t so sure about the historical accuracy of the movie, Stephen breaks the news about John Hurt to Toni, Colleen is a sly surprise guest, and Amanda really likes the weirdness of the film.


Amanda welcomes back Chase and Pam to discuss the Oscar nominated film, Fences. Chase says Viola Davis shouldn’t be allowed to act anymore because she’s so good it isn’t fair to anyone else, Pam wants to see a stage production of Fences now, and Amanda spots some errors in the details of the film.

Amanda welcomes back Dan to discuss the 2016 remake of the Disney classic, The Jungle Book. Dan can’t pick a favorite actress but has admits his celebrity crush is Emily Browning and Amanda suggests a new category for The Academy to use for the Oscars.

Amanda and return guest, Brenda discuss the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards. They both debate whether the Golden Globes count or not, Brenda watches the show on Twitter, and Amanda adores Winona Ryder during the Stranger Things speech.

Amanda welcomes back return guests, Kayla and Kristin, to discuss record Oscar nominee, La La Land. Kayla is a bit disappointed with the movie, Kristin thinks film might be a bit too self-referential, but it wins her over by the end, and Amanda can’t wait to see Dunkirk.

Amanda discusses the 2017 Oscar Nominations with return guests Stephen and Colleen. Stephen defends La La Land against all the haters, Colleen admits to not liking superhero movies, and Amanda laments the loss of the live press conference to announce the nominations.

Amanda welcomes return guests, Ariel and Jessica, to discuss the film, Loving. Ariel has a personal connection to the film, Jessica is SUPER excited to see Silence, and Amanda automatically hates a character if they say “boy” in a Southern accent. Plus, everyone adores Colin Firth.

Manchester By the Sea

Amanda welcomes back Stephen and Chris I to discuss the Awards Season stalwart, Manchester by the Sea. Chris finds the film to have the most honest portrayal of loss she’s ever seen in a movie, Stephen listens to see if other movie goers are crying, and Amanda dives into the debate between art vs the artist.

Amanda welcomes back return guests, Jessica and Ariel, to discuss the film, Inferno. Jessica does not believe the World Health Organization has the kind of power shown in the movie, Ariel is the only one who seems to value human life over art, and Amanda is NOT pleased with the Easton AMC.

Amanda welcomes back Chase to discuss the Academy Award winning documentary, Citizenfour. Chase finds the documentary to have far more tension than the film, Snowden, Amanda appreciates that director Laura Poitras doesn’t insert herself as a “character” in the film, and they both bond over their love of Ken Burns.

Amanda welcomes back return guests Shane, Colleen and Stephen to discuss the sci-fi drama, Arrival. Shane is very excited by the film’s secret twist, Colleen is not buying Amy Adams’ CGI hair in one secene yet Stephen is totally buying what the “shampoo commercial” is selling, and Amanda starts quoting Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Amanda and return guest, Brenda, discuss the film, Hidden Figures. Brenda wants Jamie Bell and Meryl Streep to be in a movie together and attempts to implore them directly, and Amanda is impressed by Janelle Monae’s acting chops.

Rogue One

Amanda welcomes new guest, Vicki to the podcast to discuss Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Vicki compares Darth Vader to a locked away princess, Amanda is REALLY bothered by Tarkin’s CGI face, and they both appear to have been “super cool” in high school.

Amanda welcomes back Brenda to discuss the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Brenda wants to spit mints into people’s mouths and Amanda doesn’t like Jimmy Fallon’s hosting abilities. Then Faythe and Addie crash the podcast and things get a little…weird. Faythe thinks Carrie Fisher was just the right amount of angry and Addie gets dark.

Amanda discusses the World War II film, Hacksaw Ridge, with return guests Nathan and Sam. Nathan counts the squares in a cargo net, Sam tells a story from her days in boot camp, Amanda wants to run her hands through Andrew Garfield’s hair, and both Amanda and Sam are fans of the character Hollywood…’s physique.

Why Him?

Amanda welcomes back Shane to discuss the movie, Why Him? Shane is baffled by what Amanda sees or doesn’t see as horror, Amanda counts how many times she laughs throughout the movie, and neither of them can remember the title of the film, The Prestige.

Amanda and return guests, Dan, Kristin, Shane, Ariel and Jessica, settle in for a movie marathon of Gene Wilder films. They watch The Producers, Silver Streak and Young Frankenstein. Dan’s knowledge about trains finally comes in handy, Kristin makes an epic train pun, Shane tries to find some value in the shots of Silver Streak, Ariel’s Young Frankenstein cherry is popped, Jessica debunks a movie myth, Amanda’s life is influenced by Young Frankenstein.

Amanda welcomes back Erika, Kristin and Shane to discuss the holiday comedy, Office Christmas Party. Shane enjoys a good blooper reel, Kristin wishes Jillian Bell’s character was a different kind of pimp, Erika spots and homage to Home Alone, and Amanda REALLY loves T.J. Miller.

Amanda welcomes return guests Brenda and Addie to discuss the Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Brenda cries, Addie is Ernie and Violet, and Amanda has some very strong opinions about colorized versions of black and white films.

Amanda welcomes back Pam to discuss the film, Queen of Katwe. Pam struggles with picking a favorite director and Amanda appreciates a good cinematographer. And of course, they both tear up during the movie.

Amanda welcomes back return guest, Joe Morales, to discuss the Tom Hanks film, Sully. Joe readdresses the question of who his favorite actresses and actors are, Amanda is struck by the humanity of the film, and the both nerd out about the AFI Top 100 List and the National Film Registry.

Amanda welcomes back return guests, Stephen and Colleen, to discuss the film, Moonlight. Stephen is grateful the camera stops spinning early on, Colleen has a slightly different interpretation of the ending than the other two, and Amanda nerds out about the scoring of the film.

Amanda and return guest, Brenda, discuss Sunday’s Critics’ Choice Awards and more Awards Season fun. Amanda wishes the Critics’ Choice Awards still had separate broadcasts for movies and TV, and Brenda wants to stalk 21 Pilots.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Amanda welcomes three new guests, Addie, Kayla and Chris H., to discuss the latest Wizarding World film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Addie is the coolest teenager around, Kayla learns new things about her husband, including how to pronounce his name, Chris is not a fan of the Second Salemers, and Amanda wants to be Queenie when she grows up. Plus, no one likes Johnny Depp in the film.

Amanda welcomes back Joe Morales to discuss the film, Hell or High Water. Joe experiences his first sort of Western and Amanda is bothered by Chris Pine’s piercing blue eyes.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Jessica, and return guests Nathan and Ariel, to discuss the remake/reimagining of The Magnificent Seven. Jessica loves old people, even if they’re evil, Nathan has a Trolls cup, Ariel seeks comfort from Jessica during the more intense parts of the film, and Amanda has some issues with the ending. However, everyone agrees that Vincent D’onofrio is amazing in the movie.

Amanda discusses the Hitchcock classic, The Man Who Knew Too Much, with new guest, Colleen, and return guest, Stephen, in this month’s edition of her Hitchcocktober adventures. Colleen sees parallels between this film and the Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn comedy, Foul Play, Stephen isn’t sure if he fully likes Jimmy Stewart’s character, and Amanda is really worried about seeing Psycho.

Pieces of April

Amanda welcomes back Yohe and Chris to discuss her favorite Thanksgiving film, Pieces of April. Yohe is transported back to the early 2000s, Patricia Clarkson’s character is not dying fast enough for Chris and Amanda loves cranberry sauce from the can.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Yohe, and return guest, Shane to discuss Laika’s latest stop-motion animation film, Kubo and the Two Strings. Yohe gets the vapors, Shane wants to scratch that monkey and Amanda gets a little freaked out.

Amanda discusses the newly released film, The Edge of Seventeen, with return guest, Chris. Amanda finds that a lot in the film rings true to her experiences and Chris doesn’t think the movie quite holds up next to The Breakfast Club.

Amanda welcomes back her sister Faythe to discuss the latest Pixar animated movie, Finding Dory. Amanda offends Faythe’s childhood, Faythe is very protective of Treasure and they both cry and hold hands…again.

Amanda welcomes back guests Marianne and Keith for a very special episode all about Marvel’s latest superhero outing, Doctor Strange. Marianne wishes the movie had passed the Bechdel test, Keith is extremely averse to Spoilers, even trailers, and Amanda sees shades of Disney’s Aladdin in the film.

Raging Bull

Amanda discusses the classic film, Raging Bull, with new guest, Joe Morales. Amanda confesses her love for John Wayne and Joe is exposed to classic Scorsese for the first time.

Amanda welcomes back guests Nick and Dan to discuss the animated film, Storks, and Jimmy makes a mostly silent surprise appearance. Nick shares his thoughts on Warner Bros. animation, Dan makes Amanda uncomfortable again and Amanda loses all control of the conversation.

Amanda welcomes her husband, Jeremy, for the first time to the podcast to discuss the classic film, Animal House, with return guest Chris. Amanda is pleased that the movie lives up to the hype, Chris is impressed by Belushi’s physical performance throughout the film and Jeremy threatens to push Amanda into a lake.

Amanda discusses the Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus, with return guest, Shane, and first time guests, Marianne and Keith. Amanda has a revelation about Jimi Hendrix, Marianne wants a sibling like Dani or Max, Shane thinks he might be from an alternate reality and Keith is not as enchanted by the film as everyone else.

Amanda welcomes back return guests Sam and Shane to discuss the Hitchcock classic, Vertigo. Sam talks about a real person with a severe fear of heights, Amanda nerds out about Hitchcock’s direction and camera manipulation while Shane is unimpressed with some of Hitchcock’s shots.

Amanda welcomes new guest, Faythe, to discuss the film, The Light Between Oceans. Faythe calls Shrek 2 a cinematic masterpiece, Amanda wants all the knit ware in the movie and both of them cry and love babies.

Amanda discusses the new Tim Burton film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, with Brenda, Dallas and Shane. Brenda is excited because it’s her birthday, Dallas is not pleased with the deviations from the book, Shane thinks some of the powers are lame and Amanda has some questions about the time loops.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Amanda welcomes back return guest, Pam, to discuss the film, Florence Foster Jenkins. Pam gives an update on her thoughts on Jason Bourne from her last episode and Amanda cries in EVERYTHING.

Amanda discusses the movie, Bridget Jones’s Baby with return guest, Ariel. Amanda rewrites the last 30 mins of the film, Ariel comes up with a new advertising strategy for Ikea and despite their issues with the movie they do find it funny.


Amanda welcomes back return guest, Chase, to discuss the movie, Snowden. Chase makes some really great points about both the film and the state of politics, Amanda really wants Joseph Gordon Levitt’s pimple popped and they both LOVE JGL’s performance.

Amanda discusses Swiss Army Man with new guests Kristin and Shane. Kristin wants more from her DVD commentaries, Shane REALLY loves the music of the film and Amanda gives some insight into her love of Daniel Radcliffe. Also, everyone is shocked by their enjoyment of the song, “Cotton Eyed Joe” in the movie.

Amanda discusses The Fifth Element with returning guests Sam and Dallas. Sam shares some fun facts and talks about horror movies, Dallas wants jello shots and Amanda exposes Dallas to more wonders of the 90’s including pogs.

Amanda discusses Don’t Think Twice with new guests, and Columbus improvisers, Joe Teeters and Stephen Woosley. Joe learns that Fifty Shades of Grey is Twilight fan-fiction, Stephen identifies with the characters in the film and Amanda really likes Transylvania 6-5000. They also dive in to the Columbus improv scene and the role of women in comedy and improv.

Amanda discusses the new Pete’s Dragon with new guests, Brenda and Carlos, and returning guest, Dan. Brenda is won over by the film, Amanda has a new favorite movie of 2016, everyone cries except Carlos (because he has no heart) and Dan still loves trains.

Amanda discusses War Dogs with returning guest, Ariel. They wax poetic about their teen beat crushes from the 90’s, Arie can’t watch Titanic anymore and Amanda is tired of the trope of the exceedingly supportive wife.


Amanda discusses the 90s classic, Clueless, with first time guest, Dallas. They start by giving a small peek behind the curtain of It’s All Been Done Radio Hour. Then, Dallas is in awe of the magic of the 90s while Amanda tries to explain the trends and fashion of the decade.

Amanda welcomes back frequent guest, Nathan, on his first solo guesting. Amanda knows nothing about sports but Nathan steps up and is the expert on boxing. And Amanda gives a shout out to her favorite high school French teacher.

Amanda discusses Sausage party with repeat guest, Dan, and new guest, Ariel. Dan nerds out about trains, Ariel thinks Sausage Party could make a great date night movie and Amanda feels incredibly uncomfortable while Dan makes it worse.

Amanda discusses the film Star Trek Beyond with returning guest Nathan and new guest Chase. Chase confesses that he doesn’t like to laugh at movies, Nathan knows nothing about Star Trek and Amanda translates for him. They also dive in to racial inequality in Hollywood and repeatedly apologize to former guest Jimmy.

Sleeper & Zelig-Woody Allen Comedy Double Feature

Amanda discusses the films Sleeper and Zelig with guests Erika and Dan. Amanda feels conflicted, Dan fails at doing research and Erika wishes Sleeper featured Rags the dog more. Yet, they all agree that Woody Allen is talented and funny.

Amanda discusses Suicide Squad with guests Nathan and Sam. Nathan rages, Sam likes Jared Leto as The Joker and Amanda gives a shout out to her favorite Otterbein professor. They also try to convince DC to hire them as consultants.

The Secret Life of Pets

Amanda discusses The Secret Life of Pets with guest Erika. They tell stories about their dogs’ love of food, talk about how pets handle grief and Amanda really loves Jenny Slate.

Amanda discusses Jason Bourne with guest Pam. They speculate on where the Bourne franchise is heading, Amanda laments about shaky camera direction and Pam wants more from Alicia Vikander.

Amanda discusses Ghostbusters with guest Nick. She throws shade at middle schoolers and he confirms what “crossing the streams” means. They also Inception the crap out of their discussion and discover how magical Kevin is.

Amanda discusses Bad Moms with guest Jimmy. They talk about the first pop culture entity they bonded over, the merits and flaws of Bad Moms and almost end their friendship over a disagreement about the awesomeness of Mean Girls. (Jim is crazy)

Amanda discusses The Legend of Tarzan with guest Chris in the inaugural episode. They talk about weird fake American accents and how they’re now a bit worried about the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them after watching Tarzan.

Amanda talks about her love of movies and the premise of the new podcast with a bit of help from Jim. We begin to get a peek into her obsession with the Oscars. Also, Jimmy might be a bad husband?