Culture Pop A Go Go


Culture Pop A Go Go is a weekly pop culture podcast where hosts Brenda (aka mom), Amanda, Faythe and Addie discuss and debate the latest in pop culture news and events. Hear about what pop culturey things they've been consuming each week from TV to movies to other podcasts and more. The weekly mail sack portion is also a fan favorite so write in and join in on the fun.

Amanda and Faythe are back for their second yearly Halloween Special. They share stories about personal encounters with ghosts and stories about ghost tours they’ve gone on all around the world.

Amanda, Brenda and Faythe are back to catch up on what pop culture they’ve been watching, playing and more. They discuss what helped them get through grieving and Faythe has a horse that does weird stuff in Skyrim. Plus, everyone decides which Brooklyn 99 character they would be.

All the ladies, Brenda, Amanda, Faythe and Addie, are back and they’re joined by their first ever guest, Sean Wheeler from the Cinema Wheelerte podcast. Sean is made an honorary sister so he can discuss everything from Parks and Rec and You Must Remember This to Hamlet and Grendel.

Amanda and Faythe are back for the first episode of 2018 to discuss what’s been going on in Hollywood in the past months and to rage about victim blaming and the statute of limitations on sex crimes. They also discuss why they like true crime and what pop culture they’ve recently been consuming.

It’s Faythe’s favorite holiday! So this week Amanda and Faythe discuss the haunted house they grew up in. They share stories of the hauntings that they and their friends and family have experienced over the years.

Amanda and Addie continue their discussion about Harry Potter that they began in Part 1 of the episode. Then they move on to an extended mail sack section highlighting listener’s celebrity crushes and the soundtracks of their lives.

The sisters, Amanda, Faythe and Addie, return to discuss Addie’s time in New York, their thoughts on Broadway casting, and more pop culture fun. Plus discussion about how Harry Potter has affected their lives begins which will finish up in the forthcoming Part 2.

Amanda and Addie are back for a brief check in to explain their recent podcasting absence and tease some forthcoming discussions. Also, Addie defends Millennials and Amanda really loves spicy food.

Amanda and Faythe are back to discuss what pop culture they’ve been consuming from Dunkirk to Jersey Shore to Daredevil and Chance the Rapper. Faythe also addresses Dink the Dinosaur and regular listener, Dave’s claims that the show wasn’t that bad.

Most of the ladies are back after skipping a week due to Amanda having no voice. Addie may be absent but Brenda, Amanda and Faythe still have fun talking about everything from Seinfeld to current Emmy nominations to Benedict Cumberbatch.

This week Addie is asleep but Brenda, Amanda and Faythe discuss their love of the musical Hamilton and what pop culture-y things make them think of the 4th of July.

This week Brenda, Amanda, Faythe and Addie discuss the docuseries The Keepers and the way true crime documentaries have begun reshaping our views of the justice system and the directing shake up going on with the young Han Solo movie.

All the hosts are back on this one. Brenda, Amanda and Faythe discuss the grad party they attended this weekend and the results of the Carrie Fisher autopsy as well as what they’ve watched and listened to this week. Then, Addie joins in to go through the mail sack.

Faythe is asleep so hosts Brenda, Amanda and Addie discuss the 2017 Tony Awards and their views on whether you can separate an artist’s art from their personal lives.

All four hosts, Brenda, Amanda, Faythe and Addie are back to discuss this week’s pop culture events from #covfefe to the controversy over women only screenings of Wonder Woman.

Hosts Brenda, Amanda and Addie discuss what pop culture items they’re into this week. Then Faythe joins in for the main topics.

Meet hosts Brenda, Amanda, Faythe and Addie in this very first episode! The ladies don’t exactly like the MTV Movie Awards but they have a lot of fun together and discussing other pop culture topics.