The Mafia Minute


The Mafia Minute is a weekly podcast where hosts Amanda Iman and Stephen Woosley tackle mafia movies minute by minute. Hear them breakdown each minute of your favorite flicks every Monday, starting with the ultimate in mafia films, The Godfather.

Amanda and Stephen explain why they’ll be on hiatus for a little while.

Amanda and Stephen are up to Minute 17 and this one is all about the music. From the casting of jazz singer Morgana King as Mama Corleone to info about the song being sung and the inclusion of a live band on set. They also bring 10 Things I Hate About You into the mix.

In Minute 16 Luca Brasi is interrupted by some kids from the wedding which prompts Amanda and Stephen share some stories from their own weddings. They also discuss a big change from the book with one of the characters and poor Sandra.

Amanda and Stephen are having fun in Minute 15 as they discuss what was going on behind the scenes between Marlon Brando and Lenny Montana. They also discuss the role of women in the world of The Godfather, the masterfully written exposition and more about the makeup used to transform Brando into Don Corleone.

Could Minute 14 be one of Amanda and Stephen’s favorites? They talk about the crazy real life background of actor Lenny Montana. Plus, discussion about Kay’s role in the current scene and how they might handle meeting their heroes.

In Minute 13, Michael and Kay make they’re first appearance. Amanda and Stephen wonder about the couple’s wedding attendance habits and are boggled by the late arrival. They also discuss the length of Catholic weddings and some of the Don’s political dealings.

Amanda and Stephen are loving Sonny’s “eff you” moves in Minute 12. They also discuss more about Paulie, the difference a friend makes with the Don, and some behind the scenes drama.

It’s Minute 11 and there’s more wedding coloring going on. Amanda and Stephen discuss the intricacies of wedding photography, the unique casting of a side character and Sonny’s volatile nature.

Amanda and Stephen experience more wedding snapshots in Minute 10. There’s dancing, sandwiches and one very annoyed wife.

It’s Minute 9 and there are new characters popping up all over. Amanda and Stephen glimpse Clemenza, Tessio and Barzini for the first time and the ever-important orange makes its first of many appearances. They also discuss some of the other behind the scenes challenges facing the film before it even began shooting.

Amanda and Stephen finally enter the brightness of the wedding in Minute 8. They are given visual introductions to a whole new set of characters in the iconic wedding photo but someone’s still missing. They also discuss details about the location used for the Corleone compound.

In Minute 7, Amanda and Stephen discuss the intricacies of the Don’s barter system and how they apply the same idea in their own circle of friends. They also take some time to smell the roses and appreciate the performances in this minute, just like the Don.

Amanda and Stephen officially learn what day it is in the world of the film. They discuss one of the most misquoted lines of dialogue, the reactions of the Don, Sonny and Hagan to Bonasera’s request, and they talk a little bit more about the cat. Plus, Stephen gives a mean Brando impression.

Minute five is all about the cat. How did the now iconic cat end up in the lap of Marlon Brando? How does it tie into the character of Don Corleone? And does it have a name? Amanda and Stephen tackle these questions and more.

In minute four, the titular Godfather finally makes his appearance. Amanda and Stephen discuss in detail the casting of Marlon Brando and explore what other actors were considered for the role. Cats, both on screen and off, make their first appearance as well.

Amanda and Stephen dive head first into the glass of alcohol offered to Bonasera by a mystery figure. As the scope of the frame in the opening scene expands, they explore more elements of the film that are revealing themselves. From the production design to the time period the film is set in to the new people on screen that are just beginning to be revealed. Plus, there’s discussion about the failings of the American court system.

Who is this Bonasera guy? Amanda and Stephen suppose what his profession might be, dig into the meaning of his name and discuss the actor who portrays him. They also talk about how the themes in this minute are still incredibly relevant today.

We believe in this minute. Amanda and Stephen officially kick off The Godfather with the iconic first minute. They do deep dives into the music, logos, font, and the first line of dialogue. They also explore how all of those set up the themes that will continue throughout the film and the Godfather series as a whole.

Find out why Amanda and Stephen decided to start the podcast and hear about their histories with the first movie up; The Godfather. They also give some pre-production background about the film to set the scene for minute one coming soon.